Founded in 2002, DENOH SEIMITSU ELECTRIC APPLIANCEBEIJINGCO., LTD,. is a wholly-foreign-owned corporation specializing in engine welder. Our factory is located in NO.1,Dushi Road,Dasungezhuang Town,Shunyi District,Beijing City,P.R.China with an area of 4,000 square meters.
                          Japan DENOH Group is the main shareholder in our company and also an engine welder forerunner in Japan. After more than 70 years development, it has possessed numerous technology patents in this area and developed the customers all over the world. They trust in DENOH as a reliable international brand for its excellent performance.
                          DENOH engine welder reaches the international standard in quality and technology because DENOH SEIMITSU ELECTRIC APPLIANCEBEIJINGCO., LTD had adopted the advanced production line, process and testing equipment from Japan, conforming to the quality standard of Japan DENOH Group and relying on its mature and updated technology. DENOH SEIMITSU ELECTRIC APPLIANCEBEIJINGCO., LTD already become the most trustworthy engine welder provider to our customers involved in the construction and emergency repair of oil and gas pipeline, railway and municipal pipeline network, and also to the chemical plant, power plant, iron and steel industry.
                          DENOH welder powered by the world-renowned engines adopted unique generating technology. It qualifies for downward welding with cellulose coating electrode in virtue of the high-efficiency generator, smooth arc and professional design. In addition, HW380 and the higher models, equipped with complete gauges, fuel-saving solenoid valves, oil alert system and current change-over switches, are suited to the high-quality welding in risky environment and severe weather by cooperating with Lincoln wire feeder for the outstanding semi-automatic welding.
                          Our company has obtained the following certificates:
                          China Compulsory Certification (CCC)
                          ISO 9001: 2000
                          Welding Quality Report authorized by Pipeline Bureau Weld Technology Center of China National Petroleum Corporation
                          With the motto of For precision, for innovation, for perfection!, we continuously strive to pursue cutting-edge technology and friendly services to provide more efficient welding equipment for our customers.


                          Sales Office:110D Merchants Tower, No.118 Jianguo Road,Chao Yang District ,Beijing China
                          Post Code: 100022
                          Tel: (86)13521628344
                          Factory Address: Add: NO.1,Dushi Road,Dasungezhuang Town,Shunyi District,Beijing City,P.R.China
                          Post Code: 101308
                          Tel: 8610-86468776


                          Location of Sales Office:








                          TEST REP
                            TEL86010) 86468776   MOBILE:8613521628344
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