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                          Warranty Policy

                          1.Warranty Period:

                          *Welding part is warranted one year after the date of sale to the original purchaser.

                          *Engine is warranted separately by engine global services station.

                          2.During the warranty period

                          Services stations: DENOH SEIMITSU ELECTRIC APPLIANCEBEIJINGCO.,LTD, or authorized services shop.

                          DENOH welders will be warranted against the default in design of manufacturer.

                          DENOH welders will be warranted against the defect in material and workmanship.

                          The limited warranty shall not apply to consumable parts, the damages caused by misuse, negligence, accident and failure to follow the operation manual.

                          The limited warranty is inapplicable for fading, corrosion and rust due to the normal use or improper storage.

                          DENOH will arrange the training program in Beijing regularly as to instruct the customers to grasp operation, install and maintenance in right way.

                          DENOH builds the customers document for one-to-one services.

                          3.Out of warranty period

                          Only parts and basic cost need paying if the repair happens in the services stations.


                          This warranty policy only applies to China Mainland. The separate warranty policy will be stipulated for the oversea customers.

                          Please contact services stations or our company directly if any questions.

                          Add: NO.1,Dushi Road,Dasungezhuang Town,Shunyi District,Beijing City,P.R.China








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